Hi, I’m Jenn

I’m a wife, boy mom (and dog mom), health coach, new(ish) gardener, wannabe homesteader, and a lover of fresh, healthy food. I love to cook, stay active, be outside in nature, and to help people in any way that I can.

In my previous life, I worked as a medical assistant in orthopedics. Then I worked in a surgical weight loss center. But after spending several years working in the medical field, I realized that I wanted to help in the prevention of chronic disease, not only in the management of it.

Our current medical system works mostly in the management of chronic diseases. Doctors help to relieve symptoms, rather than finding and treating the root cause of people’s issues. I saw holes in the medical profession that could be filled in with a healthy diet, exercise, stress management, and behavior modification. 

Prescriptions and surgeries can only go so far in helping people. If you take medication for cholesterol, but eat poorly and don’t exercise, your health is still at risk. There needs to be a continuation of care beyond the doctor’s office that helps people follow through with healthy lifestyle habits. This way they can continue to progress, or potentially help prevent some of these things from ever happening. This is where health coaching comes into the picture.

Health coaches empower people to adopt healthier lifestyles, longterm. Not only can a health coach guide you through exercise programs and teach you healthy eating habits, but a health coach can also help you overcome obstacles that prevent behavior change so those new habits become a permanent part of your life.

I became a certified health coach in 2013. After leaving the surgical weight loss center in 2014, I received my personal training certification and worked in a gym until I had my son. While I felt like I was helping most of the people I worked with one-on-one, I still didn’t get enough time with them to really give them the attention and guidance they needed. We had just enough time to get through a workout. And then I was onto the next client. It just wasn’t the right fit, so after I gave birth to my son, I quit. 

So here I am, a wife, mom, health coach, gardener, and now blogger. My hope in writing this blog is to reach more people and help them live healthier and happier lives. I want to help people make longterm, sustainable changes so they can take back control of their health and happiness.

There’s no magic pill here. You won’t find any quick fixes or crash/fad diets. And no snake oil for sale. Just solid information on exercise, nutrition, stress management, and behavior change to empower you now, and in the future.